About Us

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Woodbury, Connecticut and its neighboring towns are saturated with history and charm.  Our area’s unique combination of bucolic surroundings and unpretentious chic is the perfect setting for inspiring the arts and providing an environment for local performers and artists to showcase their skills. The Community Theatre at Woodbury (CTAW) was formed in 2013 in response to the community’s expressed desire for quality live theater. CTAW‘s mission is to involve local folks and businesses in providing and promoting quality entertainment and community service through the theater arts.  As an all-volunteer non-profit self-supporting program of the Woodbury Parks and Recreation Department, CTAW established a home in one of Woodbury’s most distinguished buildings: The Historic Town Hall at 5 Mountain Road, Woodbury, Connecticut. After five years of success under the Park and Recreation Department, in July 2018, CTAW became an independent 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Although we continue to rent Woodbury’s Historic Town Hall as our primary venue, we are an independent theater company organized and run entirely by volunteers.

Our desire is to involve as many people within our communities as possible.  Whether you’re an actor, artist or craftsman, enthusiast or a member of the audience, it doesn’t matter what you bring to the table or what your skill level is – just bring it!  So, join us and grow, teach, create, meet new friends, have fun and give back to your community in a supportive and welcoming environment. CTAW is a Diva-Free Zone!